About Us

Techraj Solutions was founded in 2009 with an aim to work with radical ideas. We are not a computer or software distributor. We are a consulting and services company that will help your organization select and purchase products that match your needs.

       Techraj Solutions is a  growing company where technological pursuits including research, development, and promotion of the latest groundbreaking and society serving technologies are undertaken. We mainly manifest over providing options solutions to problems which are genuine necessities of masses. Our team aims to achieve uniformity in minds by the unification of minds. We firmly believe that the goal of mankind is the knowledge that already exists in mind and here we provide the friction to bring it out.

        Our team members are outstanding professionals in their respective fields besides that we are Artists, Designers, Philosophers, Inquisitors and above all, they are highly industrious. Such distinct profile individuals generate options solutions to problems in a comprehensive manner.